Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2020

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From Beatrice Deer's "My All To You" album released May 2018. 

- Music Video Credits -

Director: Asinnajaq 
Camera: Mattias Graham 
Editing: Mattias Graham
Payungie Nutaraaluk
Beatrice Deer
Naluturuk Weetaluktuk

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Director's Note:
"In listening to the song and paying attention to the lyrics I felt that friendship and reciprocity were integral to the song.
So I tried to think of some actions that would demonstrate that feeling.
When we filmed it I think it really showed. Friendship, paying attention to each other and giving our care is what’s important.

That’s the feeling of the video for 1997. "

Irqaumavunga qaisimasimagavit
Inutuarurtilunga sunairuttilinga
Kinnguumatsitillunga uqumailliutillunga
qimailaursimannginavit nakurmiirumavagit
Pigutjisimagavit angijumik uvannik
Taimaigumagivunga kinnguumatsiliruvit
Pititauquvagit piunirpaamik inuusirmik
qaujimaqutsugillu nalligitsiarakkit

I’m reminiscing about the time you stayed with me
When I became alone, when I had nothing left
When I needed someone the most, when I was in a heavy place
You never left and I want to thank you
What you did for me is great
I want to be there for you too when you need me
I want life to give you the best
And I want you to know that I love you very much

Lyrics written by Beatrice Deer

Album Music Credits: 

Beatrice Deer - lead vocals and traditional Inuit throat singing 
Christopher McCarron - guitars 
Jordey Tucker - guitar and lap steel 
Mark Wheaton - drums 
Michael Felber - bass 
Parker Shper - piano 
Pietro Amato - keyboards 
Produced by Mark "Bucky" Wheaton 
Exec Producer - Michael Felber 

 c 2018 socan

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