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Album de l'année - Autres langues

Winner - Album de l'année - Autres langues

Renegade Breakdown

Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu

Record Producer : L'OEil Nu S.E.N.C.
Record Company : Bonsound
Artistic Direction : Marie Davidson & L'OEil Nu
Album Producer : Marie Davidson, Pierre Guerineau, Asaël R. Robitaille
Music Arranger : Marie Davidson, Pierre Guerineau, Asaël R. Robitaille
Sound Recording and Mixing : Pierre Guerineau, Dominic Vanchesting, Radwan Ghazimoumneh
Mastering : Matt Colton
Promotion Team : Bonsound
Press Relations Team : Bonsound
Distributor : Sony Music Entertainment Canada/The Orchard

Expat, Vol. 1

Alex McMahon

Record Producer : Ambiances Ambiguës
Record Company : Duprince
Artistic Direction : Alex McMahon
Album Producer : Alex McMahon
Music Arranger : Alex McMahon
Sound Recording and Mixing : Alex McMahon
Mastering : Philip Gosselin
Promotion Team : Ambiances Ambiguës
Press Relations Team : Marie-Pier Létourneau
Distributor : Believe Digital Canada

Breath of Healing

Justine Quetzal

Record Producer : Justine Bouchard Bernard
Artistic Direction : Justine Quetzal
Album Producer : Justine Bouchard Bernard
Music Arranger : John Alevizakis
Sound Recording and Mixing : John Alevizakis
Mastering : John Alevizakis
Promotion Team : Taxi Promo
Press Relations Team : Perfecteau Comm
Distributor : Disques Passeport

Born to Leave

Wake Island

Record Producer : Groupe musical Wake Island S.E.N.C.
Album Producer : Nadim Maghzal, Philippe Manasseh
Music Arranger : Nadim Maghzal, Philippe Manasseh
Sound Recording and Mixing : Nadim Maghzal, Philippe Manasseh, Sébastien Blais-Montpetit
Mastering : Ryan Morey
Promotion Team : Gong Communications
Press Relations Team : Indie Montréal
Distributor : Believe Digital Canada

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Documents and process

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