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Album de l'année - Jazz

Rythme de passage

Emie R Roussel Trio

Record Company : UNI musiqc
Album Producer : Steeve St-Pierre, Jacques Roy
Music Arranger : Emie Rioux-Roussel, Nicolas Bédard, Dominic Cloutier
Sound Recording and Mixing : Jacques Roy
Mastering : Jacques Roy
Press Relations Team : SIX media marketing
Distributor : Distribution Select


Jacques Kuba Séguin

Record Producer : Disques ODD SOUND
Record Company : Disques ODD SOUND
Artistic Direction : Jacques Kuba Séguin
Album Producer : Jacques Kuba Séguin
Music Arranger : Jacques Kuba Séguin
Sound Recording and Mixing : Robert Langlois, Klaus Scheuemann
Mastering : Klaus Scheuemann
Press Relations Team : SIX media marketing, Orange Grove Publicity
Distributor : Distribution Select


Carl Mayotte

Record Producer : Carl Mayotte
Record Company : Arté Boréal records
Album Producer : Carl Mayotte, Michel Cusson
Music Arranger : Carl Mayotte
Sound Recording and Mixing : Philippe Beaudoin, Joey Reda, François Arbour
Mastering : Alex Sergerie
Press Relations Team : Arté Boréal
Distributor : Believe Digital Canada


Rachel Therrien

Record Producer : Bonsaï Music, CC Production
Record Company : Bonsaï Music
Artistic Direction : Rachel Therrien
Album Producer : Pierre Darmon, Pierrette Devineau
Music Arranger : Rachel Therrien
Sound Recording and Mixing : Julien Bassères
Mastering : Julien Bassères
Promotion Team : Lisa Reedy Promotions, Bonsaï Music
Press Relations Team : Lydia Liebman Promotions, SIX media marketing, Promo Laurence Haziza
Distributor : L'autre Distribution

Rio Minas

Jean-Pierre Zanella

Record Producer : Jean-Pierre Zanella
Record Company : Arté Boréal records
Artistic Direction : Jean-Pierre Zanella
Album Producer : Jean-Pierre Zanella
Music Arranger : Jean-Pierre Zanella
Sound Recording and Mixing : Pierre Messier, Frédéric Salter
Mastering : Frédéric Salter
Promotion Team : Arté Boréal
Press Relations Team : Arté Boréal
Distributor : Believe Digital Canada


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