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Chanson de l'année

Winner - Chanson de l'année

Fille de personne II

Hubert Lenoir

Songwriter/Composer Hubert Chiasson
Album : Darlène
Record Producer Simone Records
Record Company Simone Records
Artistic Direction Hubert Chiasson
Album Producer Hubert Chiasson, Alexandre Martel
Music Arranger Hubert Chiasson, Julien Chiasson, Alexandre Martel
Sound Recording and Mixing Philippe Brault, Ben Shampouing Villeneuve
Mastering : Richard Addison
Promotion Team Nat Corbeil
Press Relations Team Roy & Turner Communications
Distributor Distribution Select 

Comme avant


Songwriter/Composer Steve Marin
Album : La route
Record Producer MP3 Disques
Record Company MP3 Disques
Artistic Direction Steve Marin
Album Producer Steve Marin
Music Arranger Steve Marin
Sound Recording and Mixing Julien Bouchard
Mastering : Steve Lemay
Promotion Team Local9 
Press Relations Team Local9 
Distributor : Distribution Select

J'en ai plein mon cass

Émile Bilodeau

Songwriter/Composer Émile Bilodeau
Album : Rites de passage
Record Producer : La Voix Lactée
Record Company : Grosse Boîte
Artistic Direction Eli Bissonnette
Album Producer Philippe Bergeron
Sound Recording and Mixing Sébastien Blais-Montpetit
MasteringMarc Thériault
Promotion Team Grosse Boîte
Press Relations Team Grosse Boîte
Distributor : Distributions Select


Charlotte Cardin

Songwriter/Composer Charlotte Cardin
Album : Big Boy
Record Company 
Cult Nation
Album Producer NWGSPL
Sound Recording and Mixing Francis Major, Tim Buron, Jason Brando
Promotion Team Local9
Press Relations Team Roy & Turner Communications

Une raison d'exister

Marc Dupré

Songwriters : Marc Dupré, Nelson Minville
Marc Dupré, Gautier Marinof
Album : La vie qu'il nous reste
Record Producer L-A be - Let Artists be
Record Company L-A be - Let Artists be
Artistic Direction Marc Dupré
Album Producer John Nathaniel, Gautier Marinof
Music Arranger John Nathaniel
Sound Recording and Mixing John Nathaniel, Marc-André Donais, Gautier Marinof
Mastering Lab Mastering
Promotion Team Local9
Press Relations Team Communications Narimane
Distributor : Distribution Select

Pour que tu m'aimes encore

Les soeurs Boulay

Songwriter/Composer Jean-Jacques Goldman
Record Producer Les sœurs Boulay
Record Company Grosse Boîte
Artistic Direction : Eli Bissonnette, Les soeurs Boulay
Album Producer
Music Arranger : Les sœurs Boulay
Sound Recording and Mixing : Guillaume Chartrain, Sébastien Blais-Montpetit
Mastering : Marc Thériault
Promotion Team : Grosse Boîte
Press Relations Team : Grosse Boîte
Distributor : Believe Digital Canada

Toutes les femmes savent danser


Songwriter : Simon Cliche-Trudeau
Pierre-Luc Rioux, Alex Guay, Marc Vincent, Jeff Marco Martinez Lebron
Album : Une année record
Record Producer Joy Ride Records
Record Company Joy Ride Records
Artistic Direction William Fradette
Album Producer Marc Vincent, Alex Guay
Music Arranger : Marc Vincent, Alex Guay, Jeff Marco Martinez Lebron
Sound Recording and Mixing Simon Cliche Trudeau, Tim Buron
Mastering Tim Buron
Promotion Team Torpille Promo Radio
Press Relations Team Projet Caravelle
Distributor Universal Music Canada


Andréanne A. Malette

Songwriters : Andréanne A. Malette, Manuel Gasse
Composer Andréanne A. Malette
Album : 
Andréanne A. Malette
Record Producer Productions NIA
Record Company Productions NIA
Artistic Direction Andréanne A. Malette
Album Producer Luc Tellier, Andréanne A. Malette
Sound Recording and Mixing Luc Tellier
Mastering : 
Luc Tellier
Promotion Team Torpille Promo Radio
Press Relations Team Productions J
Distributor Distribution Select:Distribution Select

La saison des pluies

Patrice Michaud

Songwriter : Patrice Michaud
Mark Hébert, Patrice Michaud
Album : Almanach
Record Producer L'Homme Bionique
Record Company Spectra Musique
Album Producer Philippe Brault
Music Arranger Philippe Brault
Sound Recording and Mixing : Ghyslain Luc Lavigne
Mastering Marc Thériault
Promotion Team Lise Blanchard - Promotion radio
Press Relations Team Spectra Musique, Roy & Turner Communications
Distributor Distribution Select

À hauteur d'homme

Vincent Vallières

Songwriter : Vincent Vallières
Vincent Vallières, François Plante
Album : Le temps des vivants
Record Producer Spectra Musique
Record Company Spectra Musique
Artistic Direction François Bissoondoyal
Album Producer François Plante
Music Arranger François Plante, George Donoso
Sound Recording and Mixing : Ghyslain Luc Lavigne, François Plante
Mastering Marc Thériault
Promotion Team Lise Blanchard - Promotion radio
Press Relations Team Roy & Turner Communications, Spectra Musique
Distributor Distribution Select

A great celebration of music : 3 events not to be missed!

Louis-José Houde

ADISQ Galahosted by Louis-José Houde

October 28, 2018, 8 PM

Place des arts

The ADISQ Gala will be hosted by Louis-José Houde for a 13th consecutive year and will be broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada Télé. All the details on this great music celebration.

For more information
Marie-Mai, Yann Perreau

Le Premier Gala de l'ADISQhosted by Marie-Mai, Yann Perreau

October 24, 2018, 8 PM


Le Premier Gala de l'ADISQ will be hosted by Marie-Mai and Yann and will be broadcast live on Télé-Québec.

For more information
Claudine Prévost

Gala de l'industriehosted by Claudine Prévost

October 24, 2018

Club Soda

Gala de l'Industrie will be hosted by Claudine Prévost and presented at Club Soda in Montreal.

For more information

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