Jules Massenet: Mélodies
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# Artistic Performances  
1 Expressions lyriques: No. I. Dialogue 01:28 Buy on iTunes
2 Expressions lyriques: No. II. Les nuages (Clouds) 02:39 Buy on iTunes
3 Expressions lyriques: No. III. En voyage (On a journey) 01:48 Buy on iTunes
4 Expressions lyriques: No. IV. Battement d'ailes (Beating of wings) 02:21 Buy on iTunes
5 Expressions lyriques: No. V. La derniere lettre de Werther a Charlotte (Werther's last letter to Cha 04:08 Buy on iTunes
6 Expressions lyriques: No. VI. Comme autrefois (As in the past) 02:21 Buy on iTunes
7 Expressions lyriques: No. VII. Nocturne 02:29 Buy on iTunes
8 Expressions lyriques: No. VIII. Melancholie (Melancholy) 02:13 Buy on iTunes
9 Expressions lyriques: No. IX. Rose de mai (May rose) 02:11 Buy on iTunes
10 Expressions lyriques: No. X. Feux-follets d'amour (Will-o'-thewisps of love) 03:05 Buy on iTunes
11 Printemps visite la terre 01:36 Buy on iTunes
12 On dit! 02:33 Buy on iTunes
13 La lettre 02:30 Buy on iTunes
14 Elegie (version for voice, cello and piano) 03:02 Buy on iTunes
15 Heure vecue 01:38 Buy on iTunes
16 Soleil couchant 03:23 Buy on iTunes
17 La nuit 03:11 Buy on iTunes
18 La mort de la cigale 02:49 Buy on iTunes
19 Amours benis (version for voice, cello and piano) 03:41 Buy on iTunes
20 Poeme d'octobre: No. I. Prelude 01:16 Buy on iTunes
21 Poeme d'octobre: No. II. Automne (Autumn) 02:08 Buy on iTunes
22 Poeme d'octobre: No. III. Les marronniers (The Chestnut Trees) 02:20 Buy on iTunes
23 Poeme d'octobre: No. IV. Qu'importe que l'hiver (It doesn't matter) 01:31 Buy on iTunes
24 Poeme d'octobre: No. V. Roses d'octobre (Roses of October) 01:49 Buy on iTunes
25 Poeme d'octobre: No. VI. Pareils a des oiseaux (Like the birds) 02:17 Buy on iTunes

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