# Artistic Performances Artist  
1 Spaceship Genie Midas 03:45 Buy on iTunes
2 Interlude Genie Midas 01:53 Buy on iTunes
3 The Lamp Genie Midas 03:40 Buy on iTunes
4 Space Station (Skit) [feat. December 10] Genie Midas 02:57 Buy on iTunes
5 Parler (feat. LeMind) Genie Midas 04:14 Buy on iTunes
6 Track Six Genie Midas 03:18 Buy on iTunes
7 In Tha Ride (feat. December 10) Genie Midas 03:31 Buy on iTunes
8 Artbreak (I Can't Stay) Genie Midas 04:09 Buy on iTunes
9 F.A.M. (feat. LeMind & Jib) Genie Midas 04:55 Buy on iTunes
10 Garderie (Skit) [feat. D-Baby] Genie Midas 01:30 Buy on iTunes
11 Free Genie Midas 05:04 Buy on iTunes
12 Outro Genie Midas 02:47 Buy on iTunes
13 X-Men (feat. Dostie) [Bonus Track] Genie Midas 03:02 Buy on iTunes
14 Clouds (Bonus Track) Genie Midas 03:38 Buy on iTunes

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