Chico & The Gypsies & Friends (feat. Gérard Lenorman, Charles Aznavour, Florent Pagny, Julien Doré, Patrick Fiori, Mélanie Fiona, Daniel Guichard, Nana Mouskouri, Collectif Métissé, Lucenzo, Big Ali, Sanai, Sofia Essaidi & Ginette Reno)
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# Artistic Performances Artist  
1 Vous les femmes (feat. G Chico & The Gypsies 03:24 Buy on iTunes
2 T'espero (feat. Charles Aznavour) Chico & The Gypsies 03:36 Buy on iTunes
3 Djobi Djoba (feat. Florent Pagny) Chico & The Gypsies 03:19 Buy on iTunes
4 Marina (feat. Julien Dor Chico & The Gypsies 03:08 Buy on iTunes
5 My Way (feat. Patrick Fiori) Chico & The Gypsies 04:29 Buy on iTunes
6 Amor Mio (feat. M Chico & The Gypsies 04:08 Buy on iTunes
7 Le Gitan (feat. Daniel Guichard) Chico & The Gypsies 03:36 Buy on iTunes
8 Volare (feat. Nana Mouskouri) Chico & The Gypsies 03:33 Buy on iTunes
9 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (feat. Collectif M Chico & The Gypsies 03:51 Buy on iTunes
10 Bamboleo (feat. Lucenzo) Chico & The Gypsies 03:47 Buy on iTunes
11 Baila Baila Morena (feat. Big Ali) Chico & The Gypsies 03:35 Buy on iTunes
12 Tu Sables (feat. Sanai) Chico & The Gypsies 03:48 Buy on iTunes
13 Shape of My Heart (feat. Sofia Essaidi) Chico & The Gypsies 04:21 Buy on iTunes
14 Ne m'en veux pas (feat. Ginette Reno) Chico & The Gypsies 03:54 Buy on iTunes

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