Best Dirk Bogarde Early Movie Themes
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# Artistic Performances Artist  
1 Main Title (From "Boys in Brown", 1949) Artistes variés 01:55 Buy on iTunes
2 Main Title (From "The Woman in Question", 1950) Artistes variés 01:21 Buy on iTunes
3 Carriage and Pair (From "So Long at the Fair", 1950) Artistes variés 02:47 Buy on iTunes
4 Suite (From "The Sleeping Tiger", 1954) Artistes variés 03:28 Buy on iTunes
5 Main Title (From "Simba", 1955) Artistes variés 01:18 Buy on iTunes
6 Main Title (From "Doctor at Sea", 1955) Artistes variés 01:40 Buy on iTunes
7 Main Theme (From "The Spanish Garden", 1956) Artistes variés 01:34 Buy on iTunes
8 Suite (From "Ill Met by Moonlight", 1956) Artistes variés 03:41 Buy on iTunes
9 Main Title (From "Doctor at Large", 1957) Artistes variés 01:34 Buy on iTunes
10 Main Theme (From "The Doctor's Dilemma", 1958) Artistes variés 01:56 Buy on iTunes
11 Main Title (From "The Angel Wore Red", 1960) Artistes variés 02:27 Buy on iTunes
12 Un Sospiro by Franz Liszt (From Song "Without End", 1960) Artistes variés 02:22 Buy on iTunes
13 Suite (From "The Singer not the Song", 1961) Artistes variés 06:24 Buy on iTunes
14 Main Title (From "Victim", 1961) Artistes variés 01:58 Buy on iTunes
15 Main Title (From "Damn the Defiant", 1962) Artistes variés 03:07 Buy on iTunes
16 Suite (From "The Mind Benders", 1963) Artistes variés 03:10 Buy on iTunes
17 Suite (From "The Servant", 1963) Artistes variés 04:06 Buy on iTunes
18 Main Title (From "Our Mother's House", 1967) Artistes variés 03:48 Buy on iTunes

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