The Nvasion, Vol. II
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# Artistic Performances  
1 Lift Off (feat. Cody McConaha, Adi Rei, B Murr & Curly Chuck) 02:42 Buy on iTunes
2 Bankrupt (feat. Bat Boy Bankie, Skuff Micksun, Adi Rei & Cody McConaha) 02:30 Buy on iTunes
3 Drowsy Dreamin' (feat. Adi Rei & LoLifeLane) 02:45 Buy on iTunes
4 Feel It (feat. B Murr, Adi Rei, Cody McConaha, Loudz & Stoney Lonzell) 03:54 Buy on iTunes
5 Doubt (feat. Cody McConaha, Adi Rei & Bat Boy Bankie) 03:01 Buy on iTunes
6 Whatumean (feat. Adi Rei & Curly Chuck) 01:56 Buy on iTunes
7 Gnarly (feat. Stoney Lonzell, Yung Heir & Freshie) 03:17 Buy on iTunes
8 Tik Tok (feat. Adi Rei & Bat Boy Bankie) 02:19 Buy on iTunes
9 The Crysis (feat. Adi Rei, Pressplaymj & Drummer Los) 02:17 Buy on iTunes
10 Fuzion Freestyle (feat. Yung Heir & Stoney Lonzell) 02:03 Buy on iTunes
11 Jungle Nterlude (feat. Skuff Micksun & Darrien B) 01:42 Buy on iTunes
12 Freak Bitch (feat. Cody McConaha, Curly Chuck & Venny Gorgeous) 04:20 Buy on iTunes
13 Clean My Room (feat. Sean Deniro, Cody McConaha & Curly Chuck) 02:26 Buy on iTunes
14 The Re-Up (feat. Virg & Adi Rei) 03:37 Buy on iTunes
15 Like to Smoke (feat. Cabininthewoods, B Murr & Morgan Jenae) 02:54 Buy on iTunes
16 Overwhelmed (feat. Skuff Micksun & Adi Rei) 02:11 Buy on iTunes
17 Midnight Black (feat. Cody McConaha & Adi Rei) 02:57 Buy on iTunes
18 Case Closed (feat. B Murr, Cody McConaha, Loudz & Adi Rei) 03:28 Buy on iTunes
19 Ficticious (feat. Stoney Lonzell, Adi Rei, B Murr & Rico Santino) 02:48 Buy on iTunes
20 Spaceship (feat. Stoney Lonzell, Adi Rei & Andre James) 02:48 Buy on iTunes
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