The Golden Age of Light Music: Light Music from the Silver Screen
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# Artistic Performances  
1 Early one Morning (featured in Spring in Park Lane) 03:00 Buy on iTunes
2 Song of the Mountains "La Montanara" (From film the Glass Mountain) 03:12 Buy on iTunes
3 Dancing in the Dark (Soundtrack-recording from the Band Wagon) 03:07 Buy on iTunes
4 Adoration (Soundtrack-recording from 'Lili') 03:34 Buy on iTunes
5 Call of the Faraway Hills (From film 'Shane') 02:18 Buy on iTunes
6 The Beggar's Theme (From film 'Last Holiday') 02:33 Buy on iTunes
7 Seascape (From film 'Western Approaches') 04:11 Buy on iTunes
8 The Man Between (Theme from the film) 02:49 Buy on iTunes
9 Dedication (From film 'Idol of Paris') 04:12 Buy on iTunes
10 La Violetera (From film 'City Lights') 04:29 Buy on iTunes
11 This man is mine (Theme from the film) 04:17 Buy on iTunes
12 Men of Arnhem, March (From film 'Theirs Is the Glory') 03:44 Buy on iTunes
13 Romance (From film 'The Magic Bow') 03:47 Buy on iTunes
14 Quebec Concerto (From film 'Whispering City') 03:06 Buy on iTunes
15 Valse Grise (From film 'Le Carnet De Bal') 02:36 Buy on iTunes
16 Throughout the Years (From film 'Flesh And Blood') 03:09 Buy on iTunes
17 Vision d'Amour (From film 'Woman to Woman') 03:27 Buy on iTunes
18 Hour of Meditation (From film 'Twenty-Four Hours of a Woman's Life') 03:26 Buy on iTunes
19 Saga of Odette (From film 'Odette') 03:59 Buy on iTunes
20 Danse d'Extase (From film 'No Orchids for Miss Blandish') 04:15 Buy on iTunes
21 Mansell Concerto (From film 'The Woman's Angle') 03:46 Buy on iTunes
22 Gaelic Fantasia (From film 'Saints And Sinners') 05:35 Buy on iTunes
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